Anonymous asked:
How will you know if you feel attracted to the same gender, transgender, opposite gender or anything else not mentioned? Will you just find out one day or do you have to date them to find out?

It happens for different people at different times.  Sometimes it comes rom meeting new people and realizing your attraction to them, sometimes it comes from watching shows/movies and crushing on people, a realization from childhood, etc.

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Thanks for your time 

Anonymous asked:
i hate my boobs. i don't know why. i already recognize the fact that im bi, but for some reason i have always hated my breasts. I find them completely useless and a burden to me. If i could and if it were painless, i would totally just cut them off. but,i don't identify as trans??? in fact im pretty much cis and i quite like my vagina and all my other parts. I don't know what to do & i guess i decided to vent to your blog because it seemed like like a very nice & accepting internet place

Well you could have a breast reduction or get top surgery if that’s what you would like to do regardless of being trans* or not.  There are places that’ll perform the surgery without needing a gender identity letter.

But let that be the last option why don’t you try binding your  breasts to see if that makes you feel any better.  Here are two good sites to start: www(.)lesloveboat(.)com/shop and www(.)underworks(.)com/men/compression-shirts-29

Anonymous asked:
Hi! To the person asking about lithosexuality/romanticism, typically a lithosexual feels sexual attraction but prefers not to act on it, as with a lithoromantic preferring not to act on romantic attraction. It's a pretty rare term as most consider themselves grey-asexual or another orientation.

synapsis-soup asked:
Hi there! I identify as a lesbian girl and I've never had problems with my assigned sex and sexual orientation. I'm getting more and more interested in reading information and raising awareness about non-binary minorities but I have some doubts. The 'girl' I love is starting to reject the gender binary - would it be disrespectful if I still identified as gay? Like I wanted to consider her a female when she doesn't think she is? I'm just wondering if another term suits my sexual orientation best?

Well I think should respect how this person identifies, and that includes what pronouns they use and what their gender identification is.  If you feel strongly about your gay identity you can still use that as your label, however if you want something that feels more inclusive of the person you are with now I suggest queer and pansexual. 

amyrachaelnapier asked:
Hey there, I've been informed of the term 'lithosexual', but I can't find much information on it. Are there any references that I've missed? I think I might be asexual, but I occasionally feel some sexual attraction. However, it's never strong enough that I WANT act upon it, I don't ever feel the need. Sex is something I don't really have the desire to engage in, but I do identify that I can feel sexual attraction to some males. Any thoughts/info for me? Thanks! :)

I honestly havent heard much about that and I can’t find much on that term.  I guess if you do feel romantic attraction that can go under demisexual

llewes asked:
to the anon who said "Okay, so I feel absolutely indifferent to sexual orientation, and I feel like genders don't really matter, I don't know, like souls don't have gender. But I'm a girl who also feels like I was supposed to be born a gay man. So what am I? Please help me", honey, I know exactly what you mean!!!! I feel very similarly! You are not alone.

Anonymous asked:
hi i'm a 24 year old female and i want to know why some people are nosey when another person doesn't talk about sex?

Because generally people are fairly curious about the lives of others, the scope of our media and treatment of and person of media interest (magazine stories on their personal lives, paparazzi, etc) further show this point.  Also our society takes a particular influence with sex and judging the sex lives of others.  

Anonymous asked:
I am a female and I would like to ask whether it is normal to have a relationship with another female, yet neither are lesbian or bisexual? Is it possible to still be heterosexual, but only have romantic feelings for one female in particular?

Its completely normal, you don’t have to have to identify as lesbian or bisexual.  There can be someone who is primarily heterosexual, you could just be homoromantic which only outlines romantic feelings for the opposite sex. 

Anonymous asked:
I'm female, romantically attracted to both genders (I tend to become interested in guys that way easier than girls) but sexually attracted only to girls, with the exception of a male I have very strong feelings for. When I try to think about what to call that, a lot of names start to get involved: would that be biromantic with a preference for females, demisexual towards guys? When I come out I'll just do it as bisexual, much less messy, but I'm curious if this is common.

Well it’s all individual, so if that how you feel then it’s right for you.  I have a friend, a woman, who is attracted to women but can be romantically attracted to men just not sexually.  It wouldn’t be biromantic to woman if you are sexually attracted to them.